Verizon Wireless 800 Phone Number

Verizon Customer Service: 844-773-4410

How to Contact Verizon: Below are the questions you will be asked when you call the 1-800 number for Verizon residential support.

Automated Phone Menu:

  • Welcome to Verizon Wireless
  • Starting with the area code please enter the Verizon Wireless number you’re calling about
  • If you’re not yet a customer press pound
    • To become a new customer or for support with your prepaid device press 1
    • For assistance with Verizon FiOS traditional landline home phone services or DSL high speed internet press 2
    • For help with an existing mobile data device press 3
    • For collections notices or to make a payment on a disconnected Wireless account press 4
    • To check the status of your order or device recycling request press 5
    • Other options press 6
      • In order to route your call we need your Verizon Wireless mobile telephone number starting with the area code please enter the number you’re calling about
    • Starting with area code, please enter the Verizon wireless number you are calling about.

Verizon Consumer Sales 844-773-4410

Automated Phone Menu:

  • Welcome to Verizon wireless
  • To speak with a representative about the new service or adding one to existing account press 1
    • for support with your pre-paid service press 1
    • to upgrade your Verizon wireless device press 2
    • to become a new Verizon wireless customer please remain on the line.
    • Your call is being transferred and maybe monitored or recorded…
  • for questions about your existing service press 2,

Other Verizon Numbers

Verizon Prepaid Customer Service: (888) 294-6804 (24/7)

  • Welcome to Verizon Wireless
  • for English, press 1
  • To get started, please enter your ten digit mobile phone number
  • Sorry I am having trouble finding that number, can you re-enter your ten digit mobile number?


  • Check balance: #BAL (#225) + send
  • Check Minutes used” #MIN (#646) + send
  • Make payment: #PMT (#768) + send

Prepay Shortcuts:

  • Check balance: *611 + send
  • Voice Mail: *86 + send
  • Make payment: #PMT (#768) + send

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